Privacy Policy


Infinet Communications Group Inc. ("ICG") repects the privacy of every individual and corporation who use our services. Below are the standards and terms under which ICG protects the privacy of ICG customers and visitors to their websites. This privacy policy is subject to periodic updates. ICG does not provide any notice of such updates - it is up to you to check back as often as you deem fit.



Private information such as customer's billing information is kept on a secured server in a locked room. All access to this server is firewalled, with restrictions on incoming access to the server. With the exception of publicly available information, such as (but not limited to) information available via whois queries, ICG will not disclose any private information to any other parties unless ICG receives a court order issued from any of the legal courts in Canada, Or unless ICG receives a signed letter from the customer or a Power of Attorney of the customer, authorising ICG to release the customer's information. Any court order or authorisation letter may be delivered to ICG via hand, postal mail or fax transmission. Emails and voice communications will not be accepted.



A visitor is defined as anyone of the public who accesses any services which ICG provides to any of ICG's customers. For example, a person browsing a website hosted on ICG's server would be a visitor. ICG typically receive specific data about visitors when they visit services on ICG's servers. This includes, but is not limited to, information provided by visitors such as during a product purchase, or and enrollment for membership, or request for information, or online message board comments. Please note that ICG's servers typically log the transmission (but usually not the actual content) of such information. For example, when you submit an online web form, ICG's servers will log that an online form submission was made from your IP and a certain time. Contents of the online form are generally omitted from the webserver log. Website visitor logs are used to generate traffic reports for website hosting customers of ICG. Website visitor logs are occassionally used to debug potential problems with an ICG server or service. Occassionally, an ICG customer may request access to the logs pertaining to services provided to the customer. ICG does not provide such information to any other third parties unless ICG receives a court order issued from any of the legal courts of Canada.

ICG disclaims all responsibility for any visitor information collected directly by any customers of ICG services. For example, if a website hosting customer has a membership signup form - that customer may choose to use that information for their own purposes. It is your responsibility to check the privacy policies of any ICG customers you visit.